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Grand Opera

Grand Opera is a one-day event, at the end of the 9 month Garden Path Activity. It is intended to make the passing out ceremony for the children who have participated in the month Garden Path Activity and also a platform for them to share the concerns they have with the family members and community through varieties of performances. It is also the space to help them exhibit their understanding, skills and creativity.

At  the  Grand  Opera  held  On 24th  June 2012,  there  were   185  children,   members   from  their  families  and communities.    There   were   also   representatives   from organizations who support children as well. The children who participated in this event came from 5 villages in the Batticaloa and Ampara   districts   and   from   Tamil   and  Muslim  ethnic communities.   There    were    more    than    700   people participated at the event.

Mr. Paul Hogan One of the Founders of the BPG, was Chief Guest on this Occasion.

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Twinning with the garden

Our garden is now compelled to vacate the premises, where we carried on our activities for the last 15 years, and establish itself in its own premises else where. Therefore, with a little help of some well-wishers, the garden is now constructing play cabanas for the   children. However urgent needs like the construction of a kitchen, getting water supply and electricity, and a store room, have been put on hold. We appeal to all child friendly hearts to assist our children to play in our Butterfly Peace Garden. We invite you to join hands with us by helping the garden.


Training courses

The Monkey’s Tale Centre (our training centre of the garden) provides training workshops programmed for members of the society from various places. Packages have been designed for those who work with children, patients in hospitals, prison staff, teachers, teacher-trainees, students and staff of other institutions. Those who wish to follow the courses may contact us to participate in these courses.


To our sponsors

Programs to empower children are conducted in the village gardens of “Kokku Veedu” (Crane Hut) at Thiraimadu and “Silandhi Veedu” (Spider Web Hut) at Arayampathi – Karballa. 150 Muslims and 150 Tamils children, a total of 300 children participate in the activities of these two village gardens.

Due to financial constraints there are issues regarding the provision of mid day meals to these little children. Therefore the garden requests the help of those who can sponsor this food program.

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We seek co-operation

For the last 15 years, the Butterfly Peace Garden has been conducting free programs for the Tamil, Muslim and Sinhala children selected from different schools. It now seeks the support of the people of good will to continue conducting theses free programs. A program to empower the children through creative skills, was conducted on 30.09.2011 – 02.10.2011 at the garden, on a grand scale. All the children who came to participate in these events, contributed the garden fund and benefited from the garden. It is expected to conduct such programs once again. This is an open program, for all the children.


Monkey’s Tale


Connecting with INGO & NGO

The Butterfly Peace Garden has National & International status It’s unique, specific garden path ways are original, innovative and inspiring. The INGOs & NGOs working in Batticaloa area were invited for an awareness program of The Butterfly Peace Garden’s “Modus Operandi” for advocating our children program Ten interested partners participated in this program. This encouraged and motivated the local Butterfly Peace Garden family.

This, extended consultation and suggestions culturally based, enabled the imagination and creativity of Butterfly Peace Garden staff, for more inspiring work with children in need.


Reach out Village Garden

The Butterfly Peace Garden “Reach out programs” include the creation of  other satellite village gardens in two Muslim, Tamil Villages.http://zers.16mb.com/

Thiraimadu is “Crane Nest” (Kokku Veetu). Children displaced from Naavalady sea shore because of Tsunami, resettled in Thiraimadu. Participate in this Art therapy and Trauma healing programs. This village garden, accompanied by nine Art Healers, accommodates 150 children in a six months program. These children experience healing and express self-confidence for facing challenges of life.

A Similar village garden is situated in the Karabala – Arayampathy village, nesting “Spider Web” (Silanthy valai). Tamil, Muslim children web together a harmonious, reconciliatory, peaceful web for displaced children through intimacy of relationship, and expand their hearts, to reach out to other ethnic groups, for more peaceful living at school in the family in the village. They are leaders and messengers of peace and through their advocacy, promote our garden philosophy.